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What Makes Good Employees Quit

What Makes Good Employees Quit
Mau Briones

Good employees don’t leave organizations – they leave poor managers. In general, good employees leave their job because they don’t like the way their bosses treat them or they don’t see any improvements in their career, among other reasons.

Employees know when their company is doing well so they expect to be considered and not neglected. Today more and more are leaving their company because they feel they are disrespected or they don’t get along well with their bosses and co-workers. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, companies should know what are the possible reasons why their workers leave them and take necessary actions.

Here are the lists of the most common reasons why good employees quit their job:

Relationship with the Boss/Manager

  • An employee-manager relationship is crucial in every organization. You don’t need to be friends with your boss, but you have to be civil and professional while dealing with your boss. Having a good working relationship along with an open line of communication will lead to a successful company. You will also feel less stressed out during work hours and you can be more productive if you and your boss are in good terms.

Financial Stability of The Company

  • Reduce work hours, layoffs, lack of sales, and salary freezes are among those reasons why employees quit their jobs. Employees who are worried tend to leave the company. Make sure that changes about the company are transparent to them. Let them know how the business is doing at all times and what are the company’s plan to stay on track.

Unpleasant Relationship with Co-workers

  • A good relationship with your co-worker is also important to stay long in an organization. Having a harmonious relationship with them will lead to a fun and productive day. You won’t feel bored while working because you have someone to talk where you can exchange thoughts and ideas for company’s growth, you will be less stress because you know that you can freely express your feelings and give comments if necessary without hesitation.

Undervalued Staff

  • Workers are a human being and not a puppet. They need to have their dignity intact and they need to be motivated to be productive. As a manager, you don’t just give commands and expect your workers to do as they told. You also need to give them words of encouragement and provide them an enjoyable working environment. They need to feel that you care for their well-being, and assure them that you, as their manager value their hard work and dedication for the company.

No Room for Improvement

  • Upgrading a career or position in the company is vital for every employee – career stagnation is what they hate the most because it can bring their dreams to a sudden stop. People don’t like to do the same thing again and again for the longest time, eventually, they will feel that they need a new thing or a new task to do. People like to feel that they are being challenged, they like it when they are the ones who you call to whenever a problem arises. If a worker feels that he is not being challenged in his current position, he or she might feel that there is no way to improve his/her career and may result in quitting and finding another job post that he/she thinks will bring him/her closer to his/her dream in career progression or career advancement.

Lack of Recognition

  • Everyone needs a pat on the back every now and then. It will boost their morale and they will feel proud of themselves. You don’t to give trophies and certificates every time, sometimes a simple thank you and a job well done is enough for them. Lack of recognition can affect their performance at work; they even feel that their hard work is not appreciated. Lack of recognition may not be the deciding factor why good employees quit, but it can affect their job performance. Incentives can go a long way; why not give it to them once in a while.

To empower every employee, strong leadership in a workplace is needed. To avoid losing your best employee, give them the time they need, talk and listen to them, know them, motivate them, and be one of them; after all, it will greatly benefit the whole organization.

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