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Watch Styles Every Women Should Own

Watch Styles Every Women Should Own
Mau Briones

For women, good-looking timepieces are not only for telling time, it is also a fashion statement. Wristwatches have come a long way since its creation; it has been developed from simple to extravagant designs, styles, and some with expensive stones and gems.

For women, their dressing should match their shoes and accessories. One of the best accessories they could wear is a great a pair of a wristwatch. Getting different types of a watch is important for women because they can mix and match it to their outfit of the day. Yes, their OOTDs are very much important to them.

Check out these gorgeous watches so you can have an idea on what to buy next time you go watch shopping.


Bracelet and Bangle Watches

Bracelet and bangle watches are the new way of conveying women’s style without wearing additional pieces of jewelry. These watches are feminine and elegant to wear for both formal and casual occasions. Most of these watches are embellished with gems, diamonds, and pearls.


Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are trendy, fashionable, and comes with eye-catching designs. It also supports stopwatch capabilities and also comes with multiple sub-dials. Most women love chronograph watches because of its stunning designs that suit their fashionable attire.


Leather Band Watches

Leather band watches are the most popular watch style to add a touch of elegance. It can be worn anywhere, anytime and suits for casual to formal occasions. It is a true everyday companion. Nowadays, wristwatches with interchangeable straps are out in the market. You have a lot of options and will never be out of fashion because it comes with different colors and shapes to choose from.


Metal Band Watches

Metal band watches are mostly made of stainless steel and comes with classic silver, rose gold, and gold tone. Metal band watches are must-have timepiece for most because of its durability and suitable to wear for formal and casual gatherings.


Sport Watches

This watch is currently in for sporty persons. This kind of wristwatch can track your daily workout activity; some of the sports watches also have features like heart rate monitor, lap timer, countdown timer, etc.

Whatever your choice may be, go for the design and style that will compliment who you are. There are many great wristwatches out there, it is always best to invest in original brands because it comes with a warranty. If you like it and fits your style, then it is worth the price.

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