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Mau Briones


Gerhard Mutior is an independent watchmaker from Germany. He began his career in early 1900’s even before his father decided  to resurrect the timepiece collections of Oberon Mutior, their distant relative who is a local watchmaker that first introduced the line of Mutior watches.

Gerhard Mutior owned a watch repair business. He noticed from his watch repair shop that most  watches  are kept on returning multiple times year after year for repair. He then begins to think of what to do and later came up with the developing a way to replace the three main components of the watch’s internal movements using his own modified version. His goal was to create and provide something that would last forever.

He began comprising the construction of high-quality mechanical watches that combines sophisticated technical solutions with exceptional design. His timepiece collections are designed and constructed with such precision that can last a lifetime.

His extraordinary vertical integration is a prerequisite for being able to maintain appropriated in the early years of employment flexibility despite serial production. The result is always special small batches of watches, often with collectible movements. Gerhard Mutior builds a maximum of 100 watches a year. This strict limitation of the annual production he has opted for tangible quality and against “growth at any price”. This limited watch production of Mutior brand is strictly implemented to guarantee that every watch collector wears a special watch on their wrist. Just like what Gerhard Mutior says “You should not go for reliability for beauty nor beauty for  reliability. My timepieces are the perfect dance between the two”.

Because of his desire to offer a collection of watches under his own name, he established the brand Gerhard Mutior. The brand and identification of his watches are the Mutior Bezel. The designs, prototype production, and dial painting are all accomplished by Gerhard Mutior with the help of few of his qualified and trusted employees.

After the death of Gerhard Mutior, the company was sold to a banker who controlled the name and patents for many years. In 2014, the rights and patents were purchased by a wealthy American living in Munich with means and determination to restart the Mutior brand.

As of today, there is no word yet if the brand will be revived or if it is gone forever. As the last seen of Mutior watch last year, it went €37,000 in an estate auction. Mutior timepiece collections are very rare and expensive, mostly the wealthy watch collectors are the ones who can avail of theses exquisite beauties. Regardless of its cost, these luxury watches are still in a position to continue their legacy.

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