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The Basics of Skincare for Men

The Basics of Skincare for Men
Mau Briones

The Basics of Skincare for Men

Having a daily skin care routine is not very popular for men and according to research, men spent only$28 billion US dollar for all their skin care and grooming needs while women spent $91 billion US dollar (worldwide) just for skin care! Unlike women, men’s skin care routine should be easy and straightforward. It doesn’t need to be a repetitive step of skin peeling and application of multiple facial creams. But like women, men also need to prioritize their skin, so a basic knowledge and understanding and proper care is needed.

This article will not encourage you to spend more money for skin care, but to let men know the benefits of having a healthy skin. Remember, skin care is a process of making your skin healthier with the right use of a product (or creating homemade ones) that suits your needs. With hundreds of skin care available in the market today, where would you start?

You’re never too old or too young to start a daily skin care routine and here’s a very basic guideline. Your skin will thank you if you follow this on a daily basis.

Get to Know Your Skin – Having knowledge of what skin type you have is important to ensure that your chosen skin care products are right for your skin. If the product isn’t right for your skin type, it won’t be as effective and could worsen existing conditions and it can even react to your skin and cause allergies and irritation.

Pick the Right Product that Suits You – Once you know your skin type, it is much easier to pick the right product for your daily skin care routine. Use the trial and error method in finding the right product for your skin type. Some men preferred masculine scent while others prefer unscented. Whatever you chose, make sure to read and check the labels.

Make it a Hobbit – Always remember these steps: wash/cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Whichever brand you choose, make sure you know the steps in applying your skin care products. (Tip: always pick mild and organic skin care products).

Your Ultimate Guide

Cleanse – Cleansing is the easiest and most important element in maintaining a healthy skin. Take a shower or splash warm water on your face to open up the pores. Use a face wash that suits your skin type. Do not use a soap, most of the bar soaps are harsh for the facial skin. Lather up your face for 30 seconds and gently rubbing it in a circular motion. Rinse your face with cool water to shrink your pores, preventing new dirt and oil from entering.

Tone – Toning completes the cleansing process, yet many people choose to leave this step out. After washing/cleansing your face, apply your facial toner (facial toner that suits your skin type) using a cotton ball or cotton pad, make sure that you only put enough amount of liquid toner. Move the cotton pad gently in small circles on your face, paying special attention to your T-zone and cheeks.

Moisturize – keep your facial skin hydrated by using your desired moisturizer. Make sure that it suits your skin type. Moisturizers are good in preventing wrinkles and excess oil production. If you are worried about your forehead wrinkles and crows-feet around your eyes, a small amout of anti-aging cream can help smooth them out and tighten your skin.


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