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Should I use a Night Cream?

Should I use a Night Cream?
  • On October 25, 2016

Skincare is a constant trouble in the life of every woman. With the increase in pollution, high temperatures, and chemical-filled make up products, it is absolutely essential to protect our skin from damage. This is where moisturizers and sunscreens make their entry. The majority of women have incorporated a moisturizer and sun screen duo in their daily morning skincare regime to help keep the damage as minimal as possible throughout the day. However, the little damage that is caused despite these efforts, we often forget to repair.

Should I use a Night Cream?



No protection is a 100%, and after a day spent working or taking care of the house, your skin is exposed to a variety to harmful substances, which are not all fought back by your moisturizers from the morning routine. This is why, you need a night cream. Night creams help in fixing the damage caused throughout the day by getting rid of chemical barriers and providing complete moisturization. This helps your skin remain young and fresh.

The Benefits of a Night Cream

Experts claim that night creams have a lot of benefits through regular use including skin nourishment, collagen production, and also reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and age spots. This leaves your skin fresh and revitalized. Night creams come in a wide range, depending on factors such as skin type, age, exposure to damage, etc. It is recommended that you incorporate a night cream into your daily routine as early as your 20s, to help fight off signs of skin damage before they take hold. Naturally, young women should opt for creams with more natural ingredients, while older women should look for night creams which include active ingredients, and vitamins.

Top Available Night Creams in the Market


1.      Punch Skin Care Vita Night Cream

2    Punch Skin Care uses ingredients such as SNAP 8, L-Carnosine, and Manuka Honey to produce their Vita Night Cream. It is a lightweight, fragrant cream which makes your skin soft and supple, along with minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 78%, erasing the signs of aging and fatigue. Vita Night Cream facilitates water circulation between the cells in the epidermis to restore the skin’s natural barrier. It also activates DNA and cellular self-repair mechanisms which restore youthful texture to the skin correct UV damage which may lead to skin cancer. It also stimulates collagen production and fights pigmentation to correct signs of damage such as discoloration.



2.      Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

Olay, one of the leading brands of skin care, uses ingredients such as Glycerin, Amino-peptide, and Leaf Extracts to create its Regenerist Night Recovery Cream. It is a rich, hydrating product which infuses moisture in the skin surface, while the amino-peptide complex exfoliates to deliver hydration 10 layers deep, regenerating the surface cells. The night cream leaves your skin intensely moisturized in the morning and significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


3.      MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream


MyChelle Dermaceuticals brings together its Revitalizing Night Cream using Retinol, Shea Butter, and L-Carinosine. With a thick and non-greasy texture, the night cream is highly moisturizing with a pleasant lavender scent. The cream contains Retinol, an ingredient proven to reverse the effects of aging, which vigorously fights back fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. The nutrients in the night cream help clear the skin from marks and spots, and also give it a wonderful radiance.

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