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Shampoo 101: Shampoo Glossary You Must Know

Shampoo 101: Shampoo Glossary You Must Know
Mau Briones

Back in the day, people only use soaps to clean their hair. But since then, there’s a lot of progress and later came to the point where people got confused on what kind of shampoo they will use. There are 10 broad shampoo categories, learn it all here so you won’t get confused the next time you buy.

  1. Clarifying Shampoo – Sometimes your hair just won’t behave itself. When this happens, maybe it’s time to clarify. A clarifying shampoo is also known as deep cleaning shampoo. It is used to remove all kinds of stuff that builds-up on your hair. This includes hairsprays, gels, mineral deposits, and even chemicals from the swimming pool. This is an occasional shampoo and not meant for everyday use. Make sure to follow-up a conditioner every time you will use a clarifying shampoo.
  2. Everyday Shampoo – Everyday shampoo is exactly the opposite of clarifying shampoo. Normally, this type of shampoo contains super mild ingredients, perfect for daily use. This means, it doesn’t harm the hair and scalp and it doesn’t strip the natural moisture of the hair. It only cleanses the hair enough. A baby shampoo is one good example of everyday shampoo.
  3. Volumizing Shampoo – If you are born with fine hair, volumizing shampoo is the right product for you. Volumizing products contain ingredients that create hold so that you get volume in the hair. Volumizing shampoo that contains lighter ingredients like royal jelly and linseed oil is great because it gently cleanses the hair without adding weight.
  4. Oily Hair Shampoo – This is similar to clarifying shampoo, the only difference is oily hair shampoo does not strip the hair completely. Oily hair shampoos are formulated to remove excess oil and dirt from the hair and scalp without stripping hair of the natural oils it needs to stay shiny and lustrous.
  5. Normal Hair Shampoo – Normal hair is the perfect balance between dry and oily that doesn’t need special treatment. Normal hair shampoos are formulated to clean just enough and leave behind a slight layer of conditioning. This kind of shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp.
  6. Dry and Damaged Shampoo – Dry and damaged hair is usually paired together because they both need heavy conditioning. The goal of dry and damaged shampoo is to gently cleanse the hair and scalp and deposit protective layers to your dry and damaged locks. One of the best examples of dry and damaged shampoos are those that read “moisturizing” on their label. This kind of hair products can help reclaim control over and help bring health back to your hair.
  7. Color Protecting Shampoo – This kind of shampoo is formulated specifically for color-treated hair. USing a color protecting shampoo will prevent your colored hair from premature brassiness, will keep your hair color vibrant, and will protect your hair from damage following a color service.
  8. 2 in 1 Shampoo – This type of shampoo offers both cleansing and conditioning in one bottle. It offers ultimate convenience for both men and women. These type of shampoos are more conditioning than that other mild shampoo offers. Limit the use of this product because there are two downsides in using 2 in 1 shampoo – the silicon content of 2 in 1 shampoo can build up on hair over time and the dimethicone is a bit heavy and build up a bit.
  9. Medicated Shampoo – Most often, these special shampoos are created specifically for treating itchy and scaly scalp besides cleansing. It can also be used to treat bacterial and fungal infection and kill vermin.
  10. Swimmer’s Shampoo – This kind of shampoos are specifically created with gentle formula and can be used after a swim to completely remove chlorine and copper from the hair. Swimmer’s shampoo normally contains a chelating agent which can trap copper ions and ascorbic acid which helps breaks the chlorine interactions with the hair.

The best shampoo doesn’t leave your hair and scalp dry and itchy. Instead, a great shampoo that suits you has the power to transform your hair and make your hairstyles look better on you.

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