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Mau Briones

How To Select The Best Shampoo.

Currently, we have hundreds of shampoo available in the market. All brands claim to be very effective, so how to pick the best one?

Here, we list down some things to consider before buying the best shampoo that suits you. What to avoid and what to look for?

  • Look for a shampoo that is healthy for your scalp. Looking after your scalp is a must to achieve a healthy hair.
  • In choosing a shampoo, always consider your skin. It is possible that if your skin is sensitive, you also have a sensitive scalp as well as if your skin is dry or oily you will most likely have a dry or oily scalp.
  • If your scalp tends to be greasy or oily, pick a shampoo that reads balancing, volumizing, and strengthening. Avoid shampoos that are smoothing, moisturizing, and hydrating as these kinds of products will add too much moisture to your already oily scalp.
  • For dry scalp, look for labels that promote smoothing, moisture, and hydration. This kind of shampoo adds moisture to your dry scalp, Avoid shampoo that reads strengthening, fortifying, and volumizing as it can strip your scalp’s natural moisture.
  • You are lucky if you have a normal scalp. You can easily change your shampoo when the season changed your scalp condition.
  • If you are into organic products, look for sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfates are aggressive detergent that is bad for your hair. It causes split ends, scalp irritation, follicle stress, and strips your hair’s essential oil.
  • Avoid shampoo that contains isopropyl alcohol. The purpose of isopropyl alcohol is to dissolve oil from hair if used constantly; shampoo with this kind of ingredient can cause hair to dry.
  • Avoid shampoo that contains formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can kill bacteria, yes and that is good. However, it can also irritate the eyes. Prolong use of shampoo with this ingredient can cause skin inflammation and problems with the respiratory system.
  • Avoid shampoo that contains parabens. This chemical is widely used preservatives in personal care products that are extremely harmful. Parabens are linked to being the cause of breast cancer.
  • Always look for plant-based, organic, and shampoo that is made with raw ingredients. One of the best and safe shampoos available in the market today is from PUNCH SKIN CARE Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo. This unique product is made from 100% plant-based extract and clinical tested.

 Shampoo Glossary

Maybe you just what to know what the hell all these type of shampoo means.

Hydrating or Moisturizing Shampoo – This kind of shampoo aims to add moisture, shine, and smoothness to hair. Good for thick, curly, and coarse hair.

Volumizing Shampoo – This shampoo is a great foundation if your hair needs a boost and lift. This is an excellent choice for fine hair.

Strengthening or Fortifying Shampoo – This kind of shampoo contains extra protein to improve the condition of your hair. Good for damaged, over processed highlighted and brittle hair.

Balancing Shampoo – This gentle shampoo nourishes and balances the scalp so all hair types can look and feel healthy.

Choosing the best shampoo can be confusing. I hope this list can be your guide to finding the best product that suits your need.

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