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How to End a Bad Date Early

How to End a Bad Date Early
Mau Briones

There is no guarantee that when you go on a date with someone, all things will go smoothly as planned. Going out on a date is the feeling, except when something undesirable happens.

We all have the bad first date experience scenario once upon a time. Some people are well prepared for it but some just don’t know what to do. Here’s what to do if you want to get out of a date without being obvious.

Have Someone Text You With An “Emergency” Excuse
  • Classic! Just classic, but actually works. And yeah, you have to think and be creative to put some twist for this excuse. Take this as an example, tell your date that your friend texted you and that she is stranded somewhere and you need to pick her up. Have a good imagination and you will be out of your bad date instantly.
The “I’m Not Feeling Well” Excuse
  • Another classic alibi that works. Of course faking cough and headache on the spot is really obvious, think another “not feeling” excuse to get out of a date. The thing is you need to set this up early, the moment you start to feel that you might want to bail. You can tell him that you have your period cramps and announce that you are not feeling great and it is best that you could go home. Don’t forget the line “I’m sorry for ruining our date and I hope to see you again” to assure him that it is not your intention to leave early.
Drop Hints That You’re Only Interested with Being Friends
  • If you feel that there’s no spark between the two of you, just try to be honest with your date. You can drop hints by saying “I’m glad, we became friends” or “I consider you as one of my closest friends”, something like that. For sure, your date will clearly get the message.
Tell Your Date You Have Plans Later On
  • If you feel things aren’t going well, make it clear that you can’t stay for long. You can tell your date that you have other plans later that evening together with your friends or family. That way you can get out of the date without being mean or without being obvious that you don’t want to talk to him anymore.
Start Talking About Your Past Relationship
  • Keep talking about your ex and act as if you’re getting a bit emotional. Regardless of what your date wants to talk about, bring the conversation about your ex and past relationship back to the topic. Act as if you are not over your ex, I find this a little bit funny, but if you’re lucky he might be the one to end the date early.
Be Honest
  • This is the most difficult way to end a bad date, but if you’re not feeling it, just tell him your reasons politely. You’ll know in seconds that you will not be interested, so before it gets worse tell your date it will not going to work romantically. The other person might get offended but ultimately it’s less rude of you to be honest about your true feelings.

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