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How To De-Wrinkle A Suit

How To De-Wrinkle A Suit
Mau Briones

What you wear defines you. That’s why it is important to carefully choose what type of clothing and accessories to add to your wardrobe – and suits are one of them. Well-tailored suits are wardrobe staples, especially if you belong in the corporate world. Suits are a bit expensive so it is important that you need to have some basic knowledge on how to properly care for it.

Some suit materials stand up well to everyday wear while others like cotton and linen suit fabric wrinkle immediately. Make it a habit to hang your suits after wearing them. Put it in a wooden or padded hanger to keep it wrinkle-free. Wearing wrinkled suits looks sloppy and unprofessional so once and for all, let’s address this embarrassing problem every man has faced at some point in his life – a wrinkled suit. Learn some steps on how to de-wrinkle a suit the easy way.

Garment Steamer

Garment Steamer – Read first the care tag before using any wrinkle removal treatment to avoid damaging the fabric. A garment steamer can remove wrinkles on your suit, it works by heating water until it becomes steam. The steam is then applied to clothing through a nozzle, relaxing the fabric’s fibers and eliminating the wrinkles. Here’s how:

Step 1: Prepare the steamer for use. Put cold water into the water tank of your garment steamer to heat until it forms a steam. Be sure to let your steamer warm up all the way to get the best results.

Step 2: Hang your suit on a wooden hanger, it is much easier to steam a suit when it is hanging.

Step 3: Start steaming the suit by running the steamer in downward stroke along the fabric. No need to press hard or push the fabric against anything, the steam will gently remove the wrinkles on its own. As you slide the steamer down your suit, press the steam button often to apply steam to the fabric.

Clothes Iron

Heated Iron – A clothes iron is used to press wrinkles out of and creases into clothes.

Step 1: Place the wrinkled area of the suit in an ironing board. Turn the iron to medium-high and place lightweight cotton linen on top of the suit.

Step 2: Spray a light mist of water over the cloth and then press the heated iron on the cloth for 5 seconds. Repeat until wrinkle is gone.

Steam from the Shower

Steam From The Shower

Step 1: Turn your hot shower on and let it run for 15 minutes. Hang your suit on a wooden hanger and place it in your bathroom far away from water sources.

Step 2: Let the suit stay in the bathroom, the humidity in the air is enough to remove light wrinkles from the suit.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaner – A dry cleaner can remove wrinkles on the suit but this process is unnecessary if the suit isn’t dirty, not to mention that dry cleaning is a bit pricey. Be careful in dry cleaning natural fibers such as wool and silk because it can shrink, distort, and loss color.

Give it a Rest

Give the Suit a Rest – Sometimes, the rumples on the suit’s fabric will unwrinkle on its own especially if it’s a wool or a wool blend. It may only need a day or two on the wooden hanger to spring back into its non-wrinkled state.

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