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How to Choose a Partner You Can Grow Old With

How to Choose a Partner You Can Grow Old With
Mau Briones

Time will come when you eventually move beyond casual dating, This is the time when you’ll start to feel that you need someone who will be there for you always – a partner for a long time, not just for a month or a year.

According to Dr. Barton Goldsmith, “Picking the right person for the right reasons at the right time is an art form”, this, I agree. It really makes sense that it takes the right person, right time, and right reasons to establish a fulfilling and long lasting relationship especially with divorce rates as high as they are today. Consider these factors below when you decide to finally settle down in having a committed relationship with someone that you can grow old with.

Think of What Will the Future Be Like

  • This might help you in picking the right person that you can grow old with. Find out what your partner want for themselves and what their plans are for their future. You can easily tell that a person is a good choice if they have a realistic plan – an achievable one, for their life. Let’s put it this way, whenever they share something to you about their plans; analyze it on your side. Keep in mind that “people will tell you exactly who they are; what they’re up to; it’s up to you to listen.”

Are Both of You in the Right Place?

  • When you are in a “constantly dating” stage, let’s say you’ve been going out on a date for the past six months, ask them what kind of relationship they want. If they become uneasy, told you that it is premature to ask, or didn’t answer you straight, then you probably know that you got your answer there. That person is not the kind who wants to have a serious or long-term relationship. That person is a wrong choice to be a lifetime partner. Why would you need to ask this? Simply because if you won’t ask, you won’t know. Curiosity is the key, the more you ask about your potential lifetime partner, the more things you’ll discover about him/her.

Trust Your Intuition

  • Sometimes you have seen the red flags on your partner early in your relationship but ignored it and later find out yourself in a big mess. We say that trust your intuition – trust your gut, listen to that little voice inside yourself. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what’s best for you. A partner that you can grow old with can benefit you in so many ways. Don’t waste your precious time by hanging out with the wrong person.

Don’t Make Choices Out of Fear

  • Sometimes people make choices out of their fear. When some people are in a relationship, even if they’ve seen some red flags already, they still continue to stay with the person even though they’re unhappy simply because they are afraid to be alone. Remember that it is better to have no one than be in a relationship where you are not happy and you have a miserable life with the wrong person.

Think Twice Before Jumping Into a Relationship

  • Tempting as it may seem but being in a committed relationship is not that easy. You have to think over and over again before you go into a serious relationship. You have to know the person well. Give it some time because as time progresses, you may find out things that you won’t like and find out that you’re not truly compatible with each other. If you jump into a committed relationship too soon without really knowing the person, not only you waste your time, it’s much painful more than it would have because you invest your emotion and put your whole heart into the relationship that easy.

Find Someone You Can Be Yourself With

  • Cliché as it may but this is important. You have to find someone who can let you be yourself and accepts you completely as you are. Choosing a lifetime partner where you feel like your crazy self with no judgment at all is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling because a great relationship should be your safe and comfortable where you don’t have to keep a mask on.

There’s no guarantee that the person you choose is absolutely right for you if you’re always in a hurry. Finding the right partner that you can grow old with is not easy, it takes a lot of effort and patience. Take your time and always ask guidance to our Creator for whatever decision you’ll be making. 🙂



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