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Mau Briones

Do you ever wonder if your daily intake of food affects your skin? Well, if you don’t really know, the answer is a big Yes! Don’t just spend hundreds of dollars on different skin care products. You also need to consider that whatever you put in your mouth is as important as the products you apply on your skin because it greatly affects your overall appearance. If you are on the right path and takes healthy and nutritious foods, you don’t have to worry because chances are you have a healthy and glowing skin. If you are the opposite, better change your skin dieting plan.

Everything you eat gets digested and broken down into vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are substantial in building a healthy and beautiful skin inside and out. No one said that skin dieting is easy, but here’s a quick to consider if you want to achieve a healthy skin from inside out.

Berries and Citrus Fruits – These fruits are loaded with vitamin C that is essential for the production and formation of the skin’s support structure called collagen. The collagen helps restore the skin’s moisture, improving the elasticity, tone, and vibrancy that’s already within you. Berries are amazing fruit that can help reduce oxidative stress in the body while citrus fruit is an excellent fruit for heart’s health.

Seafood – Seafoods are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats, vitamin A and E, and protein which is essential for gorgeous and healthy skin. Eating a portion of seafood each week, especially salmon, sardines, tuna, prawns, and oysters are good for your skin and overall health. The vitamin E content of seafood helps maintain a youthful charm by preventing signs of aging like wrinkles, dry and dull skin, and fine lines. It also has a good amount of fish oil that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Seafood can boost collagen production that gives you flawless skin and its Omega-3 fatty acid is very helpful in the production of natural oil that will keep the skin soft and supple.

Seeds and Nuts – Seeds and nuts are not only good for your health; it is also beneficial for healthy and flawless skin. Aside from filling hunger gap, nuts are packed full with protein, fiber, and good fats. These little nutrition nuggets can make your skin supple, smooth, and younger looking. These yummy and crunchy foods are loaded with vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium that helps in the promotion of skin cells, fights off bacteria that may cause acne breakout, and helps in keeping your skin glowing. Seeds, like sunflower seeds, are rich in protein and magnesium that helps regulate the blood flow to your skin and combats skin allergies.

Dark Leafy Greens – Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are rich in fiber and beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that helps repair and renew damaged skin. In addition to fiber and beta carotene, spinach is loaded with lutein, folate, and potassium which all work to help keep your heart in great shape, DNA repair, and keeping your skin looking at its best from the inside out.

Water and Tea – Our skin cells mostly contain water and drinking at least  8 glasses of water daily will help rid the body and skin of toxins. Your skin will look dry and rough if you are dehydrated. On the other hand, drinking tea, especially chamomile and green tea will also give you beautiful skin. The antioxidant, amino acids, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium content of tea can flush out toxins from the skin, improve your complexion, treats puffy eyes and dark circles, reduce redness and inflammation of acne, and delay signs of aging.


KEEP HYDRATED – We do not mean too much water than your body allowed to take in. What we mean is drink an adequate amount of water every day because it is important not just for your skin but for your overall health. Water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption, and even excretion. Drinking enough water daily will help rid the body and skin of toxins. Tip: 6 glasses a day is a good start.

AVOID OVEREATING – This is a bad habit which in not only affects physical health but causes a lot of mental and emotional stress as well. It may also cause bloating and slowed digestion. Overeating also affects your oil level which may lead to skin related problems like acne breakouts.

REGULAR EXERCISE – Regular exercising helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Regular exercising promotes healthy circulation that keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. How? When you exercise, it encourages your blood flow, when your blood increases; it helps carry away waste products and free radicals from your body.

Going on a good skin diet will not bring overnight changes; you must have patiece because it will take 8 to weeks for skin cells to full regenerate themselves, therefore, you will only notice improvements after 8 to weeks of following your daily routine of healthy diet and lifestyle.

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