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Head to Toe Skincare for the Winter Season

Head to Toe Skincare for the Winter Season
Mau Briones

Tired of dry skin, cracked soles, and chapped hands? You are not alone; the struggle is real especially during cold months. In the dead of winter, it’s everyone’s dream to still have soft and smooth skin. You might think that achieving a dewy skin during winter month is impossible but by simply following some useful tips and easy skincare guidelines you can protect your most moist-starved parts, this way you can stay soft and smooth during the winter season, and maybe all year long.

You can instantly feel the effects on your skin when you are exposed to cold, your skin feels tight, dry, and starts to sting. Here are some things you can do to avoid having dry, rough, and scaly skin during cold months.

Spending Hours Outdoors

♥ You might think that the sun’s rays won’t affect your skin during winter. Not true! When there is snow on the ground, it can reflect the sun’s glare. Wear a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from being damaged by harmful UV rays.

♥ Protect your skin during winter by wearing a hat, sports glasses, scarfs, and gloves.

♥ Wearing sports glasses during windy days shield the eye are and prevent you from frequent squinting, which can eventually lead to wrinkles.

Inside Your Home

♥ Cold outdoors can be drying to the skin, use a humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air.

♥ Take a quick warm shower during the winter season. Although hot showers can be very relaxing, it doesn’t do any good to your skin. It can strip away your skin’s much-needed moisture especially during these cold months.

Amazing Tips That Actually Works

♥ Upper arm skin can be extra dry and rough, try using a lotion that contains salicylic acid to exfoliate dead cells around hair follicles and reduce the appearance of bumps.

♥ Go for wipe-off, soap-free cleansers, and alcohol-free hand sanitizers to prevent chapping parched hands during winter and don’t forget to use a hand lotion every time you wash.

♥ To help moisturized parched hands, slip on some gloves over lotion. Wearing gloves for hours every day can really soften up your skin.

♥ Use a rich hydrating scrub to soften stubborn dry patches on rough elbows and knees. A mixture of honey and sugar will do the work.

♥ Scaly legs and arms are real deal during winter. Use a lotion that contains lactic acid to moisturize the skin or soak in a milk bath. Milk is an amazingly effective moisturizer and powerful exfoliant because it is loaded with lactic acid.

♥ Layer up during the winter season. Start by taking a rich bath oil or moisturizing cleanser and follow up with a generous amount of lotion after you’ve toweled off.

♥ Wash your body the way you normally do but during winter months, avoid using bar soaps. Bar soaps will literally dry out the skin instead, look for moisturizing body wash.

♥ For baby-butt smooth hands, do a paraffin wax dip. Nail salon does this treatment or you can do this at home if you have a paraffin bath machine which you can buy at affordable prices.

♥ Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and condition your hair with a product that has lock-in moisture properties at least twice a week.

♥ Apply a hair mask to protect your hair’s natural moisture and prevent you from getting split ends.

♥ Use a hair protection spray to protect it from severe weather conditions and help your hair to escape that dry and lifeless look.

♥ Exfoliate your lips and apply a moisturizer to avoid chapped lips during cold months. Always carry a lip balm with you and apply it each time you feel a stretch on your lips.

♥ Don’t forget your feet. Your feet also need a TLC. Apply some coconut oil or your favorite lotion and massage it before you go to bed. Put on some socks and your feet will magically feel soft and smooth in the morning.

There you go! Hope these guidelines will help your skin maintain its smoothness and softness during the cold months. Looking for treatments and home remedies for winter-dry skin? Watch out for it!

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