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Essential Tips on Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

Essential Tips on Buying Men’s Dress Shoes
Mau Briones
It’s hard to decide on what dress shoes to buy if you don’t  have knowledge about it. Sometimes it creates complications and requires a lot of consideration and preparation because as we all know, men’s dress shoes are an expensive pair of footwear.
As heads up to everyone who doesn’t know what to look for when buying a dress shoes, here are some essential tips to consider.
  1. Always check for the leather quality. If you’re not sure and don’t have knowledge about leather, don’t be shy and ask for assistance. For sure, store managers are there to help you out. High-quality leather is something that is supple but firm, like French calfskin. It is durable and comfortable to the feet. Note that leathers are not indestructible; eventually, they will crack and will have creases if not properly taken care of.
  2. Do not buy dress shoes with heels higher than 3cm. With all honesty, this part is really hard to tell; it’s really hard to see the difference with regards to the height of the heels, the best way is to use a measuring tape.
  3. Anything that is too extreme is not attractive by any means especially with the shape of the toe of your dress shoes. Always choose a dress shoe with an elegant toe curve.
  4. A good trick before you buy a shoe online: try the same pair of the shoe in a store first to see if it is comfortable for you and then go online for the best deal.
  5. Want a one-on-one service in a shoe store? Visit the store on Sunday morning or late weeknights, chances are you will be the only customer at this hour and the sales personnel can give you his full attention.
  6. Never settle for a shoe that is a size smaller or a size bigger than your actual size. Shop around different shoe store to find the perfect match because it is important that you get the size that fits you perfectly. A shoe that fits is comfortable to wear and prevents calluses, bunions, and bone spurs.
  7. In getting the right shoe size, make sure your heels and toes fit snugly without causing discomfort. How do you know that your shoe fits perfectly? You should be able to wiggle your toes and if you put your index finger behind the shoe’s heel and your heel, it should slide between them.
The shoe you wear tells a lot about your personality. Having the best pair of men’s dress shoe is important – it can change your outfit, boost your confidence, and leave a positive impression when people see you wear them perfectly.

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