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Dull Skin: Causes | Prevention | and Treatments

Dull Skin: Causes | Prevention | and Treatments
Mau Briones

Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin all throughout the day? Of course, every girl’s wish is to have a healthy and radiance complexion.

I’m sure all of us have this experience that when we look in the mirror, all you can see is a lifeless complexion staring back at you. Most of the time, this dullness is a result of a build-up of dead skin cells. For you to be able to fully understand why you lose your skin’s radiance here’s a quick read for you.

Dull skin is one of the most common skincare issues. When people talk about “dull skin”, they are basically talking about the skin that lacks radiance or glow. Glowing skin is associated with young and healthy skin that’s why having a dull skin is not good at all because you can be look like your older than your age, stressed out, and so on.

Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull and Lifeless

There are a lot of explanations why your skin isn’t glowy and looks lifeless right now. Chances are one of the causes below is the culprit.

♦ The most common factors that cause dull skin include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, stress, and dehydration.

♦ Dead skin cells everywhere! Yep, we shed millions of skin cells a day and there’s this skin that doesn’t fall off naturally that results to uneven skin tone. What can we do about this? Exfoliate, at least once a week.

♦ Pollution and other environmental factors. Dirt from our environment combined with sulfur dioxide creates free radicals on skin that damages collagen. Aside from new wrinkles, it also stimulates pigment production that results in uneven skin tone and texture that makes the skin looks dull and lifeless.

♦ If you are dehydrated, it will greatly manifest on your skin. Without enough moisture, the skin will lack radiance.

♦ Overly exposed skin from the sun can also look dull and dry. But because it is impossible to avoid the sun, the best thing you can do is to apply a sunscreen before going out of the house and wear protective clothing.

♦ Sometimes, when hormones go out of whack, it affects the skin’s appearance. Puberty and the menopausal period is one the best example of uncontrollable circumstances that can make the skin lose its glow.

What Can We Do To Prevent Dull Skin

The best way to prevent dull skin is to avoid triggers. If you are a smoker, quit smoking. If you love fatty foods, change your meal plan and start eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet along with taking adequate amount of fluids. Check out some skincare routine you can do to avoid getting dull and lifeless complexion below:

Cleanse and Exfoliate the Skin

♥ Just so you know, the surface of the skin is covered with dead skin cells and no matter how hard you try, you can’t moisturize dead skin – get rid of it first!

♥ Wash your skin especially during the night to remove all the day’s dirt and makeup. Too much washing is a No-No because it can dry out the skin, leaving it looking dull and rough. In the morning, just do a quick rinse with water to freshen up.

♥ For exfoliation, exfoliating cleanser and a cleansing brush will help remove dead skin cells.

♥ Or you can try a microdermabrasion kit once or twice a week to remove layers of dead skin and to minimize the appearance of patches, discoloration, and imperfections.

♥ You can also try the Exfoliator Scrub from Punch Skin Care to achieve that glowing and healthy complexion you deserve.

Moisturize the Skin

♥ Keep your skin hydrated, moisturize in the morning and at night. Choose a moisturizer that promotes skin cell renewal like Punch Skin Care’s Organic Daily Skin Repair Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer.

Choose to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

♥ Drink adequate amount of water to stay hydrated inside out. If you are hydrated, it will reflect on your skin – your skin will look healthy with a pinkish glow.

♥ Exercise regularly to improve your circulation and give you that lit-from-within glow.

♥ Eat healthy foods. Avoid eating fatty foods, smoking, and drinking alcoholic beverages.

♥ Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily to give the skin the time it needs to repair itself. A complete beauty rest will give you brighter, healthier looking complexion.

Treatments/Remedies for Dull Skin

Aside from hundreds of products available in the market that treats dull skin, mother nature has given us things that we can use to give the skin the must-needed boost it deserves.

Lemons – Of course, we already know that lemons are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants properties that prevent premature aging. Also, lemons have skin whitening properties that are very much needed to treat dull skin. Start your day with a glass of lemon water to help flush out toxins from your body and then follow up with a lemon juice to wash your face. You can also use the peel to eliminate dark spots on your face and neck by simply rubbing it.

Brown and White Sugar – Sugar mixed with honey or water is great for dull and lifeless skin. Simply create a paste mixture by mixing honey and sugar or water and sugar. Apply the paste mixture on your face, massaging in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Wash off with lukewarm water and experience a healthy and supple skin.

Honey – Packed with antioxidants, antiseptic, skin lightening, and anti-inflammatory properties – perfect component in treating dull complexion. Brighten up your dull complexion with honey-oatmeal face mask by simply mixing  1 egg yolk with 2 tbsp honey and 3 tbsp finely powdered oats to create a thick paste. Apply the paste mixture in upward strokes and wash off after 20 minutes for a clear complexion.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil can keep your skin hydrated. Staying hydrated is a must to avoid the dull and lifeless skin. A healthy dose of moisture in the skin can improve its appearance. You can achieve this by massaging a lukewarm coconut oil on your face and body to keep them deeply moisturized.

There you go! You never have to suffer dull and lifeless complexion ever again. 🙂

For your daily dose of skincare tips and tricks, click here. <3

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