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Mau Briones

It is no secret that the watchmaking industry in Germany has been destroyed by the World War II. With the war taking a hold of Germany, the watchmakers have no choice but to stop the production of wristwatches. It is very unfortunate that when the production of high-quality wristwatches was put on hold, the watchmaking facilities has been re-purposed to produce fuses to artillery rounds and torpedoes.

After half a century of dormancy and recovery from World War II and from the communist government that squashed individualism and discouraged innovation, Gerhard Mutior and Christof Trier are once again at the fore of the industry. Again, they started to create notable timepieces equipped with superb engineering and impeccable craftsmanship.

Alongside with the well-known watchmakers from the cities of Pforzheim and Glashütte there is another line of watch creator from the prominent Mutior clan. The creations of the talented watchmakers of Mutior are equally beautiful and functional just like the creations of famous watchmakers from Pforzheim and Glashütte . The only difference is the timepiece collections of Mutior’s are equipped with modified Swiss 550 movement. The Swiss 550 movement is a combination and modification of a genuine Swiss movement which is co-created by Gerhard Mutior. Because of his great love with timepieces, he dedicates his time in experimenting and modifying the Swiss 550 movement.

Mutior’s basic concept is like these “take something that is quality and make modifications to make it better”. This is the case with regards to the modifications of three of the classic Swiss movements. The best case is the Swiss chronograph. In the unmodified Swiss version, this needs to be calibrated every four to six months. When the Mutior’s modified this, the movement can run for five years without any maintenance. The Mutior’s indeed made a massive quality modification that has been tested and applied to different movements.

German watchmakers have an exceptional reputation when it comes to engineering and craftsmanship. Mutior’s exquisite timepieces are distinctively unique, purpose-built great innovations both inside and outside cases. This should not be surprising because German watchmakers are creative and innovative. Mutior’s timepieces are beautiful and very scarce and most are in the hands of private collectors. Those collectors who afford the timepiece from Mutior say that Mutior’s are crafted with a beautiful and classy design. Other says that when you decided to buy a Mutior collection, you are not paying for the prestige brand but you are paying for the quality and the great features of a watch.

Most of Mutior’s modifications are company secrets and if one can afford a timepiece made by Mutior, the first thing that the buyer will notice is the modified rotor and  how it takes half the force of unmodified Swiss movement to move. Mutior’s great modification are made to enhance or improve the accuracy and reliability of the movement they used to cater the needs of their customers.

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