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Cleaning Guide For Your Leather Boots and Leather Shoes

Cleaning Guide For Your Leather Boots and Leather Shoes
Mau Briones

Like your luxury watches and bespoke suits, high-quality leather boots and leather shoes come in a variety of materials and level of durability that needs proper caring. It is no secret that high-quality leather boots and shoes cost hundreds of dollars and with an investment like that, it is only proper to give them some love and attention.


Why Leather Boots and Shoes Need Proper Caring

♦ Leather can dry out and eventually crack and fall apart without proper caring, conditioning, and storage. No matter how expensive they are, eventually, you don’t want to wear them anymore because they are already damaged.


How To Clean Smooth Leather Shoes and Boots

♦ Most of the products you will use in cleaning leather shoes and boots can be found at stores and shoe repair shops. The first thing you need to do is gather all the materials needed. Work in a well-ventilated area and on top of newspaper to avoid shoe polish stain. Take the shoelaces off and sweep off dirt using a soft bristle brush. Use a saddle soap or smooth leather shoe cleaner for hard to remove dirt and let the shoes dry for a minute then shine with a cotton cloth or a shoe shine cloth. Note that shoe cleaners come in gel form, liquid, cream.


How To Polish and Condition Smooth Leather Shoes and Boots

♦ Eventually, your leather shoes and boots will dry out and start to crack. Polishing and conditioning help soften and moisturize the leather so that it will be less prone to cracking, wrinkling, and drying out. Pick a shoe polish that matches the color of your leather shoes or boots. Rub a small amount of conditioner into your shoes until the entire shoe is covered. Generally, what you need is a lanoline (lanolin) wax based polish which softens and protects leather shoes at the same time. Wipe off the excess polish with a soft cloth and buff the shoe to make it shine by using a clean soft cloth or soft shoe brush. (You can also use a nylon or old panty hose of your wife).


How To Waterproof

♦ Waterproofing your leather shoes and boots will save you money and will keep it looking great for years. Use a protectant sprays, spray on water repellent, or beeswax base product (if you don’t like spray) to protect your leather shoes from water and other elements that can ruin the finish and shorten the life of your shoes and boots. Beeswax based products are good to use if you are constantly spending time in wet places. It forms a protective layer over the surface of the shoe or boot instead of being absorbed into the leather. Spray protectant is used if the appearance of your leather shoe is more important than waterproofing properties. By providing a breathable barrier against mild to moderate wet conditions and dirt, this type of waterproofing product is virtually invisible on your shoes or boots.


How To Store

♦ Clean your leather shoes and boots using a soft brush to remove dirt and let them dry first before storing. For your boots, use a boot stand to keep them upright. Do not wrap your leather shoes and boots in a plastic bag, leathers need to be able to breathe while they’re in storage. Wrapping leathers in plastic may cause discoloration and become moldy over time.

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