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Beginners Guide to Bespoke Suits

Beginners Guide to Bespoke Suits
Mau Briones

In the specialized meaning, the word bespoke means is to give order for it to be made. The term bespoke in fashion or bespoke tailoring is clothing made to an individual buyer’s specifications by an experienced tailor. Bespoke suits are created perfectly for your size, shape, and specific measurements. It differs greatly from RTW suits that are mass-produced and manufactured in standard sizes and made-to-measure products that offer custom choices but is created by altering a standard pattern to fit the wearer.

Every man should bespoke suits at one point in his life. It is considered a fashion statement for a man. Whether you can really afford it choose to alter one, it is better if you have some knowledge about it. Let’s find out and learn what needs to be learned about bespoke suits.

  • A bespoke suit is made from patterns and designed from scratch. It has a unique style, made especially for you and consists of many small details put together into a bespoke suit.
  • A bespoke suit is something which offers you a perfect fit and provides a complete satisfaction which a ready-made suit can’t offer. A ready-made suit does not promise a perfect fit for your body, it might need alterations for you to be able to wear it comfortably.
  • A bespoke suit gives you the freedom to have all your ideas and designs tailored into a suit including the choice of fabrics, the colors of the button, and more other options that a ready-to-wear can’t offer.
  • Like luxury shoes, you can also consider a bespoke suit a part of your investment. Your money spent in buying a bespoke suit is worth it because it is made by a master tailor according to your taste and your style. It also provides lasting durability than RTW suits.

Bespoke suits are crafted flawlessly and perfectly with every effort of a master tailor. It is a rare and unique creation and is normally stitched by hand that is why you can guarantee that it will last longer than ready-made ones. A bespoke suit is a great way to customize your wardrobe and it is also an expression of your personality so make sure that your tailor is well knowledgeable because as we all know, it is much expensive than made-to-measure and off-the-rack suits.

Creating your own bespoke suit is fun and not hard at all. If you are used to wearing off-the-rack suits, wearing a bespoke one is quite different. The first thing you’ll notice is that bespoke suit has tighter armhole, waist, and shoulder; this is how a suit should fit perfectly.

  • In creating a bespoke suit, the first thing you need to do is to know the purpose of your suit. If you know the purpose of your suit, it will be easy for you and for the master tailor to help you get the right style and the right fabric to use.
  • Always check for the best and excellent selection of fabrics for your bespoke suit. If you’re unsure of what fabric to choose, consult your master tailor about it.
  • Decide on what design you like. The internet is a great source for searching different suits. Two-buttoned suits are trendy and modern looking while three-buttoned suits are old-fashion style and great for evening affairs. If in doubt, remember that simple is best and stick to the classic colors like navy blue and gray.
  • For a complete high-end look, pair your bespoke suit with a bespoke shirt and a bespoke trouser.

  • As much as possible, avoid the dry cleaners. A bespoke suit should be dry cleaned only if it is dirty and begins to smell. It is important to keep dry cleaning to a bare minimum. You can remove the stains yourself by spot cleaning using a damp cloth.
  • There are suits that are prone to wrinkling. If you don’t have a clothes steamer, the best thing to do is to hang the suit using a regular wooden hanger. Place the suit in a bathroom and turn on the hot shower. The steam will smoothen out the wrinkles.
  • Spend a few dollars to a reputable dry cleaning if you need to dry clean your suits before you store them. Keep your suits in a place where they can breathe. Keeping your suits in an airtight bag for storage is not a good idea because of molds and moths.
  • If you are a serious traveler, better invest in a high-quality cloth bag or garment bag for your suits. Cloth bag encourages greater air flow and allows your suit to breathe and protects your suits from moths and wrinkles.
  • Brush your suits to ensure that it stays in top form. The fabric of a suit loses its integrity over time because of dirt build up. A decent suit brush will help you prolong its life.

While a great suit will make you look sophisticated, an ill-fitted suit will make you look like a child without his mommy to dress him up, so it helps to know a thing about bespoke suits before buying, wearing, and caring for the one you choose.

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