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A Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Dive Watch?

A Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Dive Watch?
Mau Briones

A dive watch is designed for underwater diving, a watch that can withstand the pressure and depths of the sea and provide a wearer with life-saving information.

Dive watches are so popular; it reflects a sense of adventure from the wearer. It ranges from affordable and functional all the way to super expensive luxury watches from big brands. If you don’t have knowledge in this amazing watch, you might get a worthless timepiece.

Here are a Few Pointers to Selecting a Good Diving Watch:

  1. A good diving watch is one that can withstand great pressure and temperature of sea water. Be careful with watches marked with “water proof”, these timepieces are not suitable for underwater diving, they can only survive in shallow depths. Look for watches with water resistant at high pressure and depths, paying close attention to the depth rating number.
  2. Another feature to look out for a great diving watch is the materials of its casing. Ideally, a diving watch can be able to handle pressure if it has a strong crystal casing and offers more resistance if its back is completely sealed.
  3. Another essential part of a diving watch is its bezel –  the rotating ring around the watch face. The bezel should rotate freely, to set the marker without trouble because the main purpose of the bezel is to monitor the time spent of the diver underwater.
  4. Look for a diving watch with clearly visible dials when underwater. You should be able to clearly read the number and the display is clear. Luminescent markers, numbers, and dials can be very useful in low visibility and low light conditions. Having a high contrast between the dials, markers, numbers, and the watch face itself also contributes to visibility and easy readability.
  5. Choose a durable strap that can withstand moisture, high humidity, and direct intense light. A leather strap is not a good choice for a diving watch, instead look for stainless steel bracelets, and rubber or cloth straps. These kinds of straps can handle some shock.

With the wide selections of dive watches out and available, it might be helpful if you narrow down your choices and preferences. Look only for the best fit and timepiece that might be very useful to you.

You might not need a dive watch that is loaded with features and complications. Better be careful in choosing a dive watch and look out for these pointers to help you decide.


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