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A Beginner’s Guide To Online Dating

A Beginner’s Guide To Online Dating
Mau Briones

Have you been thinking about trying online dating for awhile but always hesitated? Online dating can be intimidating, you’ll hear a lot of stories from people who have experienced online dating. Of course, there are great stories from people who’s been successful with online dating and ended up marrying someone they met through the online apps/sites and there are also lots of horrors stories of dates gone terribly wrong.

Those stories can make it hard for you to know if you can trust online dating apps/sites but here’s a quick guide for you.

In Getting Started:

  • Today, you can find lots of dating sites on the web and they offer lots of unique features and options for you to sign up on their sites and be a member. So while you are testing their sites, make sure to take note of what features of the sites that will be most helpful to you.
  • If you found the site that interests you,  make a note of it but make sure to try other sites as well. Do a research, and base on your own judgment, you can finally decide which among those sites is right for you or much safer to use.

Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online:

  1. Ask your online date the basic questions more than once. This is to gauge their honesty, the trick is to ask the question and later on while you continue your conversation ask the same question again, this time in a different way.
  2. Check their social media interactions, where they’ve checked in, groups they joined, educational background, current occupation, and etc.
  3. Get an instant background check using DataCheck. This app will give you important background information about someone you are dating or about to date.
  4. Create a separate email address for your online dating activity and for your personal and work contacts. In this way, you have more control over your privacy. You can also create a separate skype account for your online dating activity only.
  5. Get more information by dragging their profile picture into NameTag. Nametag allows the user to scan strangers using facial recognition technology and then match them to publicly-available online profiles.

Online Dating Safety Checklist:

⇒ Is my computer secure?

⇒ Do I have a strong password?

⇒ Do I have a separate email account?

⇒ Is my profile secure?

⇒ Am I being honest?

Computer Security — Before you start dating online, make sure that your computer is 101% secure and is not vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Check and update your antivirus and firewall, secure your wireless connections, and put strong passwords.

Password Security — Avoid using a common password. Your password should be unique so it could be hard to guess for hackers. Also, avoid sharing your passwords with anyone. Using a strong password on your online dating account is vital because there are a lot of scammers out there. Sometimes, they don’t scam you of money; but hack your profile and use it to scam other people.

Email Security — Create a new email for online dating sites that will separate your personal and work contacts. Email addresses are very personal and you should guard every detail you put on it.

Profile Security — You can protect your online dating profile by not sharing your private information like home address, telephone number, bank accounts, and other important details. Until you are confident, just use only your alias or your nickname.

Be Honest — Although it’s tempting to change your weight and height stated on your profile, chances are online daters are not only interested in your appearance. Majority of people use online dating sites and apps to find someone similar to their interests and not really looking for the next America’s top model. Telling little lies will only make you uncomfortable to meet someone in person.

Online dating is fun and life changing activity if you know some precautionary measures to keep you safe. Have fun and hope you’ll find your match soon.

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