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7 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Better

7 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Better
Mau Briones

It is said that how you choose a shoe can tell a story about your personality. This is also the case for shoes that are crafted with hands – handmade footwear tells us something unique and different about the wearer. They said handmade shoes are for the rich kids mainly because of its price. But come to think of it, handmade shoes are a great investment if you can have a good pair and with proper care and storage, it can actually last for many years.

Why Choose and Wear Handcrafted Footwear?

  1. There’s a huge construction difference between handmade shoes and mass produced factory shoes. Expert shoemakers who specialized in handcrafted footwear take at least a minimum of 12 hours to finish a single pair of shoe or even days for meticulous shoe design. They are perfectly crafted and use high-quality materials while machine-made shoes produced in mass used limited and less expensive materials.
  2. If you want your own design, comfort, and timeless style, handmade footwear is the best choice. You can request to create your own design and choose what color and materials to use.
  3. Go for handmade shoes if you want the highest quality footwear a shoemaker can offer. A high-quality footwear can last for many years while factory made shoes are good as well but they are made with quantity, they pushed through assembly lines to make profits. Handcrafted shoes are built to last; they received more attention and careful construction during the process of designing and creation.
  4. When it comes to reconditioning and repairability, there is no doubt that handmade shoes are more repairable than machine-made shoes. Handmade footwear might cost more but its repairability greatly enhances its value. Essentially, machine- made shoes are disposable because it loses its structure when fix or repaired.
  5. Nothing beats the uniqueness of handmade shoes compared to machine-made ones. Handmade shoes are buyer’s investment; they dedicate their time to the development, idea drafting, and crafting process of every pair. Although you can have more options and can get the latest designs when you go for commercially produced shoes, but it is made with very limited materials because machines are designed to use  only certain materials in the process of shoe making while on the other hand, handmade crafters can offer unique varieties of materials for making handmade footwear. Normally, no pair of shoes is alike to ensure total unique style of the wearer and to let the wearer enjoy customized designs.
  6. Handmade creations are made with premium quality Italian leather that can last for many years. It is totally strong, shiny, adaptable to the different environment, and endure the wear and tear. On the other hand, machine-made shoes are created using synthetic leather which wears out after years of use. It tends to crack, split, and lose color over a period of time.
  7. Some people are in need of shoes that fit some medical conditions and injuries. Handmade shoes can solve these issues because you can request a cobbler to customize it to fit your needs which factory made shoes can’t offer.

If you love to stand out, you should try handmade footwear. Use your imagination to come up with your own unique design and get your handmade shoes from a reliable and crafty cobbler.

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