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6 Effective Ways to Keep your Career Moving Forward

6 Effective Ways to Keep your Career Moving Forward
Mau Briones

Finding a new job or advancing on your current position can be a daunting experience. It’s not easy to get out of our comfort zones, but it is the only way for us to move forward.

Once you get the job you desired, your career growth does not end there. And, if you find your current job unchallenging and boring, perhaps it’s time for you to think and ask yourself, what do you want to happen in your professional path?

Moving your career forward, however, is not an easy task, you have to keep working really hard to make it better. Taking control instead of procrastinating will push you further to your career goal effectively.

Stay Motivated

  • With all the negativity around your workplace, it is important to keep yourself together. Focus and stay motivated on your work and your future plans about your career. You must be wondering, “how do you start”. Start by having a balanced life in and out of the office. Look for new responsibilities, new opportunities, and new challenges. You can also motivate yourself by learning from achievers in your workplace.
  • Nothing destroys dreams faster than being unmotivated. Keep track of your accomplishments and look them to motivate yourself when you feel discouraged. Continue focusing on your next step and don’t give up even if things feel like they’re not moving fast enough. Take the time between opportunities to continue learning and growing.

Keep Yourself Positive

  • When you’re thinking or planning about your career, try to embrace the power of positive thinking. Positive thoughts of a person can actually create real value in life and have a positive impact on skill building. Having a positive attitude can shift your entire life. Infusing your mind only with positive thoughts will cause to produce positive results.

Set Your Goals

  • There is no guarantee that the goals you set for your future career advancement will be reached. You have to consider setting a realistic goal. It is also effective if you make a list of your short-term and long-term goals. This way, you can be more focused on achieving your goal. Be realistic, set a time frame, and do some action.

Create a Powerful Network

  • In a workplace, it is natural to develop relationships with the people, and if you got lucky, some relationships last a lifetime. When you have a powerful network at work, information comes freely and naturally. Call it whatever you like – gossiping or trading information. The truth is you need an ongoing and vast amount of information to do well. Another important thing when you have a powerful network at work is when times of trouble. It’s always good to have someone to talk to and share different issues with. Keep in mind, the more people you know, the more opportunities you will have.

Ensure You’re Still Learning

  • Continuous learning has a lot of benefits in both personal and professional level. This means you will continue to place a strong importance in learning new skills which are very important in keeping your career moving forward.
  • Furthermore, if you’re looking for a career change, you need to develop your skill set to be consistent with where you want to go. Do not rule out personal development – each new skill widens your window of opportunities. Self-education is a priceless tool for career advancement.

Know Your Value

  • Understanding and knowing your value is important for your career advancement. Ask yourself, what value do you bring to your company, co-workers, friends, community, and to your clients? Your value proposition should be based on how you deliver your work at the end of the day.

Remember these things and do it right. Now, get ready to embrace your new career path, leave all your self-doubt and move up and level up! 😉


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