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6 Effective De-stressing Method That Makes You More Productive at Work

6 Effective De-stressing Method That Makes You More Productive at Work
Mau Briones

We are bound to experience stress in our everyday lives. It can be because of our work, family, friends, relationships, and even our environment. We’ve all been there, and we can’t do anything to avoid it. The only thing we can do is to handle it the best way we can because stress, if not taken care of properly is harmful to us physically and mentally.

One of the major causes of stress in life is our work. Stress naturally occurs in the workplace and when left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on employee’s health and productivity. Reduce the impact of stress by addressing the problem head-on and finding ways and methods on how to manage stress properly to keep our sanity intact.

Get a Head Start

  • Mornings are usually a rush hour for workers. Studies find that the less rushed you feel in the morning the less stressed you’ll probably be for the rest of the day. Leave your home 30 minutes or an hour earlier than normal so you don’t need to be in a hurry to arrive in the office. This requires great discipline to sleep early at night and get up early the next morning.

Take a 10-Minute Walk

  • Walking is definitely a stress buster. Here’s a thing, by simply walking away from all the chaos around you for a 10-minute walk can lessen the feeling of being stressed. Walking can help clears the head and boost endorphins which in turn reduce stress hormones.
  • It is also good to organize a group for taking short walks throughout the day at work. Taking short walks during work days can be an excellent break.

Give Yourself Some Credit

  • Most of the time you forget to praise yourself for doing things well. This time, don’t wait for promotion or salary increase. Give yourself some credit and celebrate small wins. For example, commend yourself when you’ve finished ahead of your deadline or when you achieve your long-term goal; tell yourself that you’ve done well. Treat yourself every after accomplishments to stay motivated. Doing this will boost your confidence.

Arrange Your Workstation

  • Keep your workstation clean and organize, because really? How can someone work with all that mess everywhere? Mess equals stress; for some, it is difficult to focus on tasks when their workstation is filled with piles of papers or their desk is literally in chaos. Getting rid of some clutter will help you organize and be more productive.
  • It is also same with e-mail inboxes. You also need to organize your e-mails. To avoid overflowing inbox and to keep from stressing out about these e-mails, limit the time you spend in reading and replying to unimportant messages.

Socialize with Your Workmates

  • It is okay to have a once-a-week gathering with your co-workers. Spending a little time with them allows you to get to know them. These simple gatherings can also be a way where you can talk about work-related issues. This can also be a way to exchange ideas on how to enhance productivity at work and improve relationships.

Take a Vacation Leave

  • If you always feel tired and overwhelmed with all the workloads and deadlines, it’s time to take a break! Make your vacation time a priority. It is very painful to work 365 days a year so you have to relax and take a vacation once in a while. Taking vacation leave allows you to breathe from everyday chaos at work, it allows you to clear your head and allows you to take a break from all the hard work. Taking vacation leave means you’re letting yourself de-stress from work so plan and prepare ahead; finish all your work, reports, and project deadlines before leaving.

A stressful work environment can mean a lot of different things and we can’t avoid stress. It is how we manage it that makes our daily life and work productive and enjoyable.

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