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5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup
Mau Briones

When a relationship ends, not only you can feel a physical pain your chest and as if your heart is literally breaking into pieces. You probably feel empty as well and feel other pain like a headache and you feel restless and stressed out.

Whatever “hurt feelings” you have, it is really hard to overcome this painful experience and sometimes it’s hard to imagine that you’ll ever feel better again. Whatever the reason for the breakup, whether you like it or not – it can really turn your world upside down and triggers all sorts of unsettling emotions.

So what do you do? You can hate it or resist it, but the fact still remains that it is happening. Here are some things that might help you get through the pain.

• For you to be able to move on and heal completely, you must abide the NO CONTACT RULE. Imagine yourself being sleepless and restless at night after the breakup and then in the morning you can’t help yourself but to text or call your ex? At first, there’s nothing you can do to ease the pain but you should not be doing this, stop right there and delete his/her contact information. Keeping in touch will only prolong the pain you feel.

• Give yourself time to process the breakup. Give yourself the permission to feel and to function a little less than normal for a period of time. There is no timetable for moving on, cry all you want, allow yourself to be depressed, and embrace it. Eventually, all the pain you’ve feel will just go away without noticing it.

• Reach out and share what you feel with your family and trusted friends. You can also join in support groups where you can talk to other people with a similar situation like yours. Knowing that other people are aware of what your feelings will make you feel less lonely and will help you heal. Isolating yourself to others can only be more stressful during this time; don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

• A breakup is a life-changing event for you. The stress and sleepless nights can leave you psychologically and physically draining. Treat yourself well during this hardest time of your life. Get plenty of rest and reduce your workload if possible. Also, try to minimize other sources of stress in your life and spend time with good friends. All these will help in your healing process.

• Once you’ve healed and ready to move on, meet new people, learn something new and return to old pleasures. But be easy on this, don’t make decisions and jump into something without fully analyzing the situation.

A breakup is an ending that is so painful. When your heart has been shattered, it can take a while to glue the pieces back together, but eventually, you’ll get there. Keep in mind that nothing has changed because there were things about you that are beautiful and extraordinary before the relationship.

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