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2018’s List of The Best Night Cream for Healthy and Youthful Skin

2018’s List of The Best Night Cream for Healthy and Youthful Skin
Mau Briones

We all know the importance of day cream – whether the product you are using is formulated to maintain your moisture level or protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, it is a must-have for most of us. You may think and wonder why you still need to use a night cream even though you always have with you your day cream, right? Find out why!

♥ Night creams have many benefits for the health of the skin like being able to repair the damage. During the night, our skin cells go into repair mode, restoring the damage caused by free radicals, dehydration, and regenerating new and healthy cells.

♥ Applying a night cream before going to bed will give the skin a boost for replenishing and repairing process so you can wake up with plump and radiance skin. Always think that your skin needs a night cream to get through the next day.

♥ Night time is the perfect time to slather a quality night cream. Doing so will give you a much clearer, smoother, and glowier skin.

There are wide varieties of night cream on the market, some will work just fine and some products don’t. You can find a gel-based, lotion, and cream product that claims to be very effective, before you decide of which one to use, find out the list of the best night cream today.

Caudalíe Resveratrol Lift Night Infusion Cream

♥ This anti-wrinkle night cream regenerates the skin so it looks fresh and beautiful upon waking up. Proven and effective to relaxed and smoothed out skin, and brightens the complexion. It contains resveratrol, grape seed oil, hyalunoric acid, and vinolevure. A great combination of ingredients with anti-wrinkle properties, firms, moisturizes, plumps, nourishes, and repairs damaged skin. Let’s find out what some product users say about this night cream.

Product users agree that this product makes their skin feel and look much younger and their wrinkles amazingly disappeared.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream

♥ Give your skin a good night treat with this luxurious nighttime moisture treatment. This product claims to effectively help the skin recover during the night by continuously replenishing the skin’s moisture equilibrium, support the skin’s natural protective barrier all night long, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firmer and visibly lifted skin, and smoothed and refined skin texture. With all these good news, let’s check out some of its reviews.

63% of product users agree that this night cream smooths out wrinkles and their skin feels and looks amazing. (Amazon product reviews)

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intense Night Cream

♥ A luxurious night cream with enriched mineral water blend that boosts skin’s ability to recharge and rehydrate during its nightly repair process, plumping fine lines, and improving tone and texture. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intense Night Cream claims that your skin will look and feel stronger and healthier. Another good thing about this product is that this cream can do double-duty for both day and night especially when skin feels a little drier than usual. By the way, check out its amazing reviews.

80% of reviews from its website and Amazon agree that this luxurious night cream is highly recommended.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream Intense Firming, Plumping Balm-Elixir

♥ Wake up to the best night cream of your life with this luxurious Magic Night Cream from Charlotte Tilbury. This balmy cream is oily in a good way that it treats and transform dull, dehydrated skin with its 8 youth-boosting ingredients so you can wake up to a velvety smooth skin and a radiance complexion.

This is truly a magic! About 90% of its user agrees that this night cream works and that they really wake up with smooth and plump skin.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

♥ A classic face cream, lightweight, and proven effective to prevent visible signs of aging, provides 24 hours of significant moisture, and boost radiance with its super 7 complex ingredients.

Most of the buyers from Amazon agrees that this face cream really works especially for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Punch Skin Care Vita Night Cream

♥ Restore what time has taken away with this organic anti-aging Vita Night Cream. An extravagant anti-aging masterpiece from Punch Skin Care that effectively targets the skin’s DNA to correct all signs of aging. This ultra-concentrated serum restores the skin’s natural barrier, makes the skin smoother, firmer, luminous, and more youthful than ever.

Verified product users agree that Punch Skin Care Vita Night Cream is the best night time skin repair treatment today. Definitely lightweight and not greasy and gives positive results quickly.

Oopps! Before you purchase one for yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind as you weigh your choices.

  1. Only use a night cream ( or any skin care product ) that suits your skin type.
  2. Focus on your biggest concerns or skin problems. There’s always a product that works and treats different skin problems, make sure to find the right one.
  3. Give it some time because there’s no product that can give visible result in an instant. Night creams will not miraculously give you the best skin with one-time use.

There you go, achieve your best skin care ever this 2018! Find out more about this and that about skin care on our topic.

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